Have you ever wanted to try out being a witch? You might have to after you've ended up locked in a witch cottage. How did you get there? No one knows, but you better get out before the witch wakes up. 

Controls: use your trusty left click mouse to click, hover over and drag objects :)

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
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Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Escape Game, Ludum Dare 45


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There is a weird bug, I can't interact with anything at the bottom of the screen (the whole inventory and a slim band above it

nice art!


what is the mouse (the toy mouse for the cat) for?

Ok, so.  Leaving the "infinite keys" glitch and the "back to menu and then start again takes you to the finished game" glitch aside, it was a very nice short game!

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I really like the art and atmosphere in this game. Found the same glitch as sseidel that clicking the frog after you take the key generates a new key. Also found that hitting return to menu and then start returns you to the game's finished state -- witch gone, potion brewed, etc.. I made an escape game a while back and had similar issues with trying to get the variables reset.  I ended up having to give up and leave the restart button for a future build.

Anyway, this was a good game and I really enjoyed it :)

Nice very short game, nice atmosphere :)

Looking forward to more from you. Comments - could keep getting same item over and again from frog. Never used mouse?

The art is gorgeous!

Nice game! art is really enjoyable to look at^^


I found a glitch (I think) where if u click the frog, another key appears and you can just keep clicking the frog and get more keys.

I made it out!